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We Are Best Friends Forever: Vikas

Everyone has expectations for the kind of life partner they want and it’s only natural to do so as you decide to spend your entire life with this person. From having someone who shares your life goals, has similar likes, dislikes and interests, you go hand-in-hand to create a beautiful life together. The man of this story speaks about the kind of life partner he was looking for and how he found his soulmate on MarathiMatrimony.

I start the conversation by asking Vikas what were his expectations for a partner and he begins, “I was looking for someone who is educated,

and has a similar family background. Namrata seemed a lot like me as a person. We had several common interests too. The best thing is that we have a similar outlook and approach towards our career and lives.” Namrata adds, “Vikas has been the biggest support to my career and I am really lucky to have found him.”

I ask Vikas if he gets a chance to relive a particular day, which one will it be? “Our second meeting is very special to me. We decided to meet at 5 in the morning when I took her to the top of a hill to watch the sunrise. We spent a lot of time together and I realized that she was very comfortable with me. With time, we have become such close friends and that’s the beauty of our relationship.” Namrata adds, “Our first meeting is very special to me. We met at a beautiful restaurant. I really liked Vikas as a person and got positive vibes from him. We had planned just a casual date but it turned out to be a candle light dinner. Even though he stayed really far from my house, he came to drop me back home after the date and I had already fallen for him.”

There’s no doubt that this couple is madly in love with each other and so I pose another question to them wanting to know who proposed first? “It was on the day of our engagement that I proposed to her,” says Vikas recalling the beautiful moment. “I went down on my knee and proposed to her in front of everyone. She was blushing all along.” Namrata jumps into the conversation, “I was so happy and we also danced together for the first time. In that moment I whispered in his ears ‘I love you too’ and it is a day that is etched in our hearts forever.” How beautiful! She had something more to add, “On the day of our mehendi ceremony, Vikas came all the way to my house and fed me food too. It was such a sweet gesture by him and everyone around said ‘you guys are made for each other’. We both felt so good. I am forever grateful to be blessed with such an amazing husband and a beautiful family.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Namrata says, “Vikas walked into my life and made it so beautiful. He is the man I have always dreamt of. Thank you for all the support and love.”

Wishing Them a Lifetime of Happiness!

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